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VIP PN25 Test Point With Red Or Blue Cap Straps

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Product Description

A means of gaining access to a live water distribution system for pressure or temperature measurements.

Test points (or test plugs) are normally used in pairs to measure the differential pressure or pressure signal in heating or chilled water systems.

Pressure test points are used in stand alone applications in the flow and return pipes to branches and sub-circuits of heating and chilled water systems to determine the differential pressure across the circuit.

They are also frequently supplied as an integral part of flow measurement devices, the flow passing through the valve and flow measurement being taken across an adjacent metering station or orifice plate.

Technical Data

  • Max Pressure:PN25
  • Max Temperature:120C
  • Thread Size:1/4"or 1/2"male taper
  • Thread Complies With:BS EN 10226