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Nabic Fig 568 WRAS Approved Vacuum Relief Valves Set At 50MBar

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Product Overview

Nabic Fig 568 Anti-Vacuum valves from VIP Ltd are used to protect drying cylinders, storage cylinders, calorifiers and tankers from collapse due to internal vacuum. They are also used on the steam systems, to assist condensate drainage and to prevent suction of contents from vats. Vacuum Valves are normally fitted vertically, at the top of the vessel or pipeline being protected, horizontal revolving cylinders however should have a Fig 568 fitted at each end, diametrically opposite one another. The operation of valves in service should be checked every twelve months.

Product Features

The valve is supplied with a PTFE seat seal and a Viton to metal o-ring to provide excellent seat tightness. The valve is WRAS Approved. The valve head, normally held against its seat by system pressure, is set to open at a vacuum pressure of 50mbar. A dust cap prevents the direct entry of foreign matter. The strengthened body complete with taper thread ensures a tight seal between the vessel and valve whilst maintaining the integrity of the seat seal.

Working Conditions

  • Maximum set pressure:13.5 Bar
  • Temperature range:-20 to 195C
  • Medium:Hot water, steam, air