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Nabic Fig 542 WRAS Approved Safety Valve With Spring

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Product Features & Overview

The Nabic Fig 542 is one of the most versatile, high-quality safety valves available today, suitable for use on a wide variety of media including use on hot water, steam and air. Utilized throughout the industry, it is highly popular for protecting hot water systems and boilers, although its wide scope of applications make it also commonly used as a general purpose safety valve.

Utilising a resilient PTFE seating design, the Fig 542 provides very high seat tightness. It offers the user safe manual testing, easy inspection and cleaning, and has diaphragm protected working parts. Manufactured in high quality gunmetal, the Nabic 542 is designed and tested to BS 6759 standard and is WRhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9xxD_8cIvk&feature=emb_logoAS Approved and UKWFBS listed.

Dezincification resistant materials are used in making all the Nabic 542s wetted parts. Sizes DN40 or larger come fitted with a drain plug as standard, allowing for the optional fitting of a pressure gauge.

The valve is supplied pre-set at the pressure specified by the customer, and is strenuously shell and seat tested at the factory before dispatch. A tamper-proof seal is included. VIP Ltd offer a free pressure test certificate on all online Nabic orders, and can set the valves same-day using our own rig. Letters of conformity are also available on request.

Pressure / Temperature Rating

  • Maximum set pressure:10.5 Bar
  • Maximum temperature:195°C