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Nabic Fig 500T WRAS Approved Combined Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve

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Product Features & Overview

The Nabic Fig 500T Combined Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve monitors the set pressure and / or temperature of the hot water in a system, and automatically discharges it when these limits are surpassed. The Nabic 500T offers a superb level of protection against excess temperatureandset pressure, with each lift mechanism working separately from the other. This high-quality product is fully WRAS Approved and is designed and tested to the latest BS EN 4126, BS 6283 (when 50% of BS EN ISO 4126 -1 ratings at 1 bar or temperature ratings are used).

As with the other Nabic valves in the range, the 500T is supplied at a pre-chosen set pressure, and is then extensively shell and seat tested to confirm this set pressure. A tamper-proof seal is included as standard. All this is done prior to dispatch to ensure product quality and satisfaction.All Nabic valves ordered online come with a free pressure test certificate.We can also issue a letter of conformity if requested.

Pressure / Temperature Rating

  • Pressure Range:0.4 to 12.5 Bar
  • Temperature Range:-20?øC to 95?øC
  • Medium:Hot water only