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Nabic Fig 500SS High Lift Safety Valve

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Product Features & Overview

The Nabic Fig 500SS High Lift Safety Valve offers the properties of a stainless steel valve, but without the expense. It is ideal for situations where the service fluid / media used necessitate stainless steel, but the working environment does not. The valve can be supplied either as a sealed dome or with a test lever.

The valve is constructed with high-quality stainless steel wetted parts, with a PTFE metal seating. It is designed and tested to the latest BS EN ISO 4126-1 standard and offers high seat tightness thanks to a resilient PTFE design. The Nabic 500SS is easy to clean and inspect, and is supplied with diaphragm protected working parts as standard. Viton seat design is available on request. A pad lock (which complies with M&E3) is also available if required.

As with all the valves in the Nabic 500 range, the 500SS High Lift Safety Valve is thoroughly shell and seat tested in the factory to confirm the set pressure specified by the customer. This pressure setting is locked and sealed, and protected by a tamper-proof seal.

Pressure / Temperature Rating

  • Pressure Range: 0.4 to 12.5 Bar
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to 195°C
  • Medium: Hot water, steam, air, other fluids