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Nabic Fig 500L WRAS Approved Pressure Relief Valve

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Product Features & Overview

The Nabic Fig 500L Pressure Relief Valve offers high seat tightness thanks to its resilient PTFE seating design - ideal for when additional tightness is needed on the discharge side. The 500L eradicates the possibility of back pressure leakage through the top of the valve thanks to an intelligent sealed spring cover design. The lift is progressively proportional to flow.

To ensure high quality, dezincification resistance materials are used in the manufacture of all wetted parts. The 500L is fully WRAS Approved and is designed and tested to BS EN ISO 4126-1 standard (1 bar and above). Valves supplied in sizes DN32 or above are provided complete with drain plug. Valves with Viton seat design are available on demand.

All valves are delivered at a pre-set pressure, specified by the customer. This setting is locked and sealed. Nabic shell and seat test all outgoing valves to ensure the set pressure is exact. A tamper-proof seal is also provided for additional safety.

Pressure / Temperature Rating

  • Pressure Range: 0.4 to 12.5 Bar
  • Temperature Range: -20C to 195C
  • Medium: Hot water, steam, compressed air, inflammable liquids and inert gases, CO2 (to 20C), ethylene glycol, potable water.