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Nabic Fig 500 WRAS Approved High Lift Safety Valve With Spring

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Product Features & Overview

The Nabic Fig 500 High Lift Safety Valve With Spring is one of the most popular on the market today thanks to its high seat tightness, high discharge capacity and resilient PTFE seat design. It offers a high discharge capacity and is suitable for a wide range of media including steam, air and hot water. This high-quality valve is widely used on unvented hot water heating systems which require a safe, reliable emergency steam relief capability.

The intelligent design of the Nabic Fig 500 safety valve offers easy inspection and cleaning and safe manual testing, as well as diaphragm protected working parts. It is fully WRAS Approved and is designed and tested to BS 6759 standards, both of which illustrate the safety and durability of the valve. Top quality dezincification resistant materials are used in the manufacturing of all wetted parts.

The Nabic Fig 500 can have your specified pressure setting locked and sealed. To confirm the valve's set pressure, it is extensively shell and seat tested before leaving the factory. Tamper-proof seals are provided as standard. We stock a high volume of the Fig 500 valves, making them normally available for next working day dispatch and delivery. Unlike the majority of our competitors, we set the valve at our works, using our own in-house testing rig.All Nabic valves ordered online also receive a free pressure test certificate- making this valve superb value for money.

Pressure / Temperature Rating

  • Maximum set pressure:12.5 Bar
  • Maximum temperature:195°C