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Nabic Brownall AE-B Type 'B' Automatic Air Eliminator (AAE) With Integral Lockshield Isolating Valve

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Installed at the highest point of the fluid carrying system, the trapped air will enter the float chamber of the air eliminator. This reduces the float buoyancy and allows air to escape through the outlet orifice.

Application & Features

  • Removes inevitable and potentially dangerous air trapped in the system
  • Suitable for use with water, glycol, aviation fuel, diesel and light oils
  • Large float construction to provide maximum re-seating force which reduces the risk of leakage and seals at a minimum of 0.15 bar
  • Units are supplied complete with an isolating valve which will easily isolate the AAE to enable rapid in-situ servicing
  • A range of connections are available upon request including BSP, screwed and flanged
  • Shell components manufactured from material resistant to stress corrosion cracking and fungal growth
  • Robust construction and reliable operation for industrial environments
  • Resilient PTFE seat / Monel needle design which keeps its shape and form to maintain a leak-tight seat

Working Conditions

  • For systems operating at 10 bar and 93C
  • For use on pump outlets where there is positive pressure
  • Sizes:1/2"(other sizes may be available upon request)