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High Performance Compression (CxC) Dial Up Pattern Pressure Reducing Valve, WRAS Approved

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Product Details

Pressure reducing valves are devices which, when installed on a private plumbing system, reduce and stabilise the inlet pressure from the water mains. This inlet pressure, in general, is too high and variable for domestic systems to operate correctly.

This PRV benefits from a pre-adjustment facility. The pressure reducing valve can be set to the desired pressure value before installation, using an adjustment knob with a pressure setting indicator. After installation, the system pressure will automatically adjust itself to the set value.

The internal self-contained cartridge containing all the adjustment components is also supplied pre-assembled to facilitate inspection and maintenance procedures.

This series of pressure reducing valves complies with the requirements of standard EN 1567 to function with water inlet temperatures up to 80°C.

Technical Data

  • Max. pressure upstream: 16 bar
  • Downstream pressure setting range: 1- 6 bar
  • Factory setting: 3 bar
  • Maximum working temperature: 80C
  • Strainer mesh size: (DN15 - DN 25) 0.51 mm (DN 32 - DN 50) 0.65 mm
  • Medium: Water
  • Compliant with standard: EN 1567
  • Acoustic group :(DN 15 - DN 32) II