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2" (50mm) Pressure Gauge, Stainless Steel Case, Panel Mount With Clamps, 1/8" BSP Back Entry

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Product Info

50mm diameter general purpose dry pressure gauge for the measurement of fluid liquids that are not highly viscous, high temperature (over 60C), likely to solidify / crystallize, or corrosive to copper or tin alloys. Also suitable for gases (excluding oxygen or acetylene) up to 25 bar maximum.

For use in: Pneumatics, Air Compressors, HVAC Industry, Water Industry

Ranges Available: 15 PSI/Bar, 30 PSI/Bar, 60 PSI/Bar, 100 PSI/Bar, 160 PSI/Bar, 200 PSI/Bar, 300 PSI/Bar (other sizes, ranges or types may be available upon request)

Nominal Size: 50mm

Accuracy: +/- 2.5% FSD

PSI Outer (Black) & BAR Inner (Red) - Pressure
HG Outer (Black) & BAR Inner (Red) - Vacuum

Ranges: -30/0"HG Vacuum to 0/400 PSI Pressure

Mounting Options: Centre Back - Panel mounting rear bracket (standard)

Operating Temperature:
Ambient: -20/+60°C
Medium: +60°C maximum

Temperature Effect: Variation in indication caused by temperature 0.04 x (t2 - t1)% of the span
t1 is the reference ambient temperature in C
t2 is the ambient temperature in C

Ingress Protection: IP 40 as per EN 60529

Case: Stainless Steel

Bezel: 304 Stainless Steel - Crimped

Window: Acrylic - Crystal clear

Pressure Element:
CU Alloy - Sealed Bourdon tube C-Type

Joints: Soldered with tin alloy

Movement: High Precision Brass

Process Connection & Block:
Brass - 1/8" BSPT (tapered) male (standard)
Brass - 14mm Square block

Pointer: Aluminium - Black

Dial: Aluminium - White

Special Options:
Other scales/ranges
Other process connections