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2 1/2" (63mm) Glycerine Filled Capsule Gauge, Stainless Steel Case, Direct Mount, 1/4" BSP Back Entry

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63mm diameter back entry glycerine filled pressure gauge for the measurement of fluid liquids that are not likely to solidify/crystallize, high temperature (over 60°C), corrosive to copper or tin alloys, or highly viscous. Also suitable up to 25 bar maximum. For use in HVAC and water industries, Air Compressors and Pneumatics.

Glycerine filled gauges are particularly suited to applications where oscillating / surging pressures or vibration are present. The damping effect of the glycerine will steady the pointer, making it easier to take a reading against the scale.

Ranges Available:

30 PSI/VAC, 60 PSI/VAC, 100 PSI/VAC, 160 PSI/VAC (other sizes, types or ranges may be available upon request)


Nominal Size: 63mm

Accuracy: +/- 1.6% FSD

“HG+PSI Outer (Black) & BAR Inner (Red) - Compound

-30/0”HG Vacuum to 0/6000 PSI Pressure -30”HG/+15 PSI to -30”HG/+160 PSI Compound

Mounting Options:
Centre Back - Direct mounting (standard)

Operating Temperature:
Ambient: -20/+60ºC
Medium: +60ºC maximum

Temperature Effect:
Variation in indication caused by temperature ± 0.04 x (t2 – t1)% of the span
t1 is the reference ambient temperature in ºC
t2 is the ambient temperature in ºC

Ingress Protection: IP 65 as per EN 60529

Case: 304 Stainless Steel